Are you letting your good enough get in the way of your great-Craig Valentine

Real Stories

9 Weeks

"My goal was to go from 140 to 125 pounds. As of today, i'm currently at 118 pounds. Dress size? from 8 to 2."

— Justina R, OK.

26 Pounds gone

"Drinking the Coffee and losing the extra weight has helped my aching knees. In the first nine weeks, I lost over 12 pounds."

Lost to date? 26 LBS.
Dress size? from 16 to 8.
— Cereida D., TX.

7 Weeks


"It does exactly what it's supposed to do. In seven weeks, i lost 15 pounds."

Lost to date? 27 LBS.
— Sherail C, TX.

14 Pounds Gone

"So far, i've lost 14 pounds. I joined a dragon boat racing crew and started hot yoga. I'm happy, confident and feel great!"

Lost to date? 23 LBS.
Inches down? 5".
— Cathy H, TX.

6 Weeks

"I was struggling with stubborn weight gain from steroid therapy. After only six weeks, i went down by 12 pounds."

Lost to date? 24 LBS.
— Karen M, TX.

74 Pounds Gone

"January 21st, I was over 300 lbs struggling with my weight. My wife introduced me, the most skeptical person to this coffee.  It has now chanced my life. I went from a size 42 waist jeans to a 36."

- Sam H. IA

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Katie Belser

I'm Loving SWEET DREAMS! My first two nights taking it have been amazing!  My mind is telling me I'm tired and I'm falling asleep peacefully, still able to get up with my children if needed and I've been able to fall right back asleep! No longer starting my days at 5 AM because I can't fall back asleep! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


This has been a life changer for me!!  I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night because my brain just never quits! Saturday sleep of my life!! Thank you @officialrevitalu!!!


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